Mission Statement & About Us

Mission Statement 

Boomer girls still want to feel like we got it! Transforming lives and having peace of mind. Being older doesn't mean you can't be a sophisticated and powerful individual. Bringing back confidence to your life.

Carolyn Evans


I am Carolyn Evans, a multifaceted individual fulfilling roles as a wife, mother, grandmother, inventor, and a dedicated enthusiast of design. Following a career spanning two decades in Mortgage Sales and Management, I decided to embrace retirement, a period of life dedicated to self-care, nurturing family bonds, and exploring my creative passions. It was during this chapter that SNAPPY-ME came into fruition.

As a co-founder, my extensive background in maintaining an active and meticulously planned lifestyle led me to confront the challenges of incontinence. Having undergone two bladder lift surgeries and tirelessly searched for a product that would empower me to maintain my active lifestyle and restore my confidence, I became determined to discover a more effective solution that would grant me the freedom to engage in any situation. I was resolute in my quest to avoid the anxiety of potential embarrassing incidents or the necessity of wearing unsightly bladder protection that detracted from my personal style.

Alongside my esteemed co-founder, Cindi, we embarked on the initial phases of developing a product that would seamlessly blend fashion with functionality. Our goal was to cater to the needs of all individuals grappling with incontinence, offering them an elegant and beautiful solution that redefines their sense of confidence and comfort.

Cindi Monaco



Allow me to introduce myself as Cindi Monaco, a woman of many roles – a devoted wife, a nurturing mother, and a proud grandmother. What sets me apart, however, is my role as one of the Co-founders of SNAPPY-ME.

For close to four decades, I served as a dedicated sales representative for a prominent title insurance and escrow company. My career was a whirlwind of office visits, client meetings, and engagements with various networking organizations and investment groups. Always on the move, I cherished the rhythm of a fast-paced life.

Amidst this bustling professional life, I faced a personal challenge that I knew needed a better solution - incontinence. Living with this condition for years, I was intimately acquainted with the struggles and inconveniences it brought into daily life. It became abundantly clear that there had to be a more effective and dignified approach for individuals to embrace an active lifestyle.

What sets me apart is my unwavering commitment to fashion. I've always believed that feeling good about yourself starts with looking good. So, it became my mission to find a solution that would not only help individuals regain their confidence and health but would also allow them to do so without resorting to wearing what felt like paper diapers. This mission laid the foundation for the creation of SNAPPY-ME.

Collaborating closely with my esteemed co-founder, Carolyn, we embarked on a journey to bring forth a truly innovative alternative for those dealing with incontinence. SNAPPY-ME represents our shared vision – it's more than just a product; it's a symbol of elegance and well-being. Our goal is to empower individuals to live life with grace and style, unburdened by the constraints of conventional and unsightly solutions.

Being a part of this endeavor is not just a role for me; it's a personal commitment. I'm excited to serve individuals like you, who, like me, value elegance and dignity when it comes to managing the challenges of incontinence. Together, we are redefining the narrative of incontinence care, one stylish and confident step at a time.