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Snappy Me panties are actually cheaper than paper panties because they are real fabric panties and can be used over and over again, so you actually end up spending less, and once again, you feel...“You Can Be Chic Even If You Leak”

This analysis uses 2 Depend panties a day. Numbers will vary depending on the amount used daily and the brand of paper panties.

Snappy-Me panties = 2 pair of panties and 2 extra crotch panels cost $39.00 per pair = $78.00 per year (reusable/washable) real fabric.

Depend Paper Panties = 30 pair of Depends cost $27.50 per box divided by 30 = .916 cents each.

So, using 2 pair of Depends daily (30 in box) = (.916 x 2) = $1.83 x 30 days =$55 x 12 months = $660.00 per year.

Snappy Me pantie 2 pairs/2 extra crotch panels = ($39.00 x 2) = $78.00 a year + cost for a pad using popular incontinence pads Poise Brand 60 pads (would give you 2 pads per day per month) @ $13.52 = .225 cents ea. So, $13.52 x 12 months = $162.00 per year.

So, using Depends (disposables) = $660.00 per year ($55 x 12)

versus using Snappy Me (reusable panties) with pads = $240.00 ($78+$162)

Giving you a savings of $460.00 a year (which allows you to buy 4 extra pairs of panties) AND STILL SAVE $304.00 PER YEAR.

Snappy Me panties are not just another incontinence panty; it’s a solution for a healthier way to live with incontinence! and you get to decide just how much protection you need.

Snappy Me offers women who live with incontinence the freedom from:

  • Having to completely undress to change when accidents occur
  • Having to carry bulky products with you in case of accidents occurring
  • (No more) paper diapers, (no more) incontinence panties that only hold a few tablespoons of urine, (no more) worrying about odor

Our panties are made with beautiful fabrics from Italy, so no matter what your incontinence level might be, you still feel beautiful and confident wearing them.

We have designed Snappy-Me so the snaps sit just below the buttocks – so this helps prevent them from showing through your clothing.

We have also tested them with jeans, pants, and even leggings; in 90% of our testing, you could not see the snaps.

Feel free to watch our spokeswoman Marcia Harp as she sings and dances in some very tight pants.

When you first put the panties on, yes, you will feel them against your body, but as you go about your day, you will not even notice you have snaps against you. (It’s kinda the same concept as wearing a body suit with snaps. Listen to Snappy Me spokeswoman, Marcia Harp, on her thoughts on wearing the panties. Follow link...

That’s the beauty of Snappy Me; you wear the pad of your choice!

Because all of us who suffer with incontinence know that we often have leakage that goes over the sides of the pad, onto the panty crotch panel.

With regular panties and a pad, even though you change your pad, you would still have the odor, wetness, and bacteria (which we know are causes of UTIs) against your body.

With Snappy Me panties, you completely remove the crotch panel of the panty and attach a clean crotch panel to the body of the panty. Giving you a healthy, clean, odor and bacteria-free pair of panties. In one simple step, you are able to feel clean and confident in a snap!

Snappy Me is designed with a wick-away fabric in the crotch to pull the wetness away from your body. We highly recommend the pads be worn within the pocket of the panty to offer you a healthier form of protection. This design also keeps the pad in place and helps prevent movement of the pad.

Please follow the link to the tutorial for inserting the pad into the crotch panel.

That’s the beauty of Snappy Me. You can wear whatever is your preferred pad of choice.

Yes, Snappy Me panties are machine washable; we recommend a gentle cycle – cold water – hang to dry.

Also, please see our wipe clean, oil cloth bags we offer for keeping your pads and extra crotch panels in and for any soiled crotch panels you might have until you are able to wash them.

Yes, Snappy Me can be used for period protection in the same way, whether you just want more protection on heavier days or you’re unable to use internal period protection.


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